Not Helpful

I just wish I could find the source of this great quote about the Democrat reaction to the election: “It was like their spouse had died, their child had died, and their dog had been hit by a car,” he said. “You just never saw this level of loss.”

I understand that. What I do not understand is the level of just plain anti-American rhetoric being spewed by the left — and led by John Lewis, (Can I use his name without adding the title “Icon?” I think he added that to his name, or perhaps it is Copyrighted.)

There is poison in the air. Anarchy. Absolute racial divide. 

Brit Hume attributes it, in part, to the fact that Trump simply will not smooth his edges and that has something to do with the reason he was elected. Trump is who he is, and as we are inside of a literal handful of days until his presidency, those who do not recognize his election should found a Government in Exile located in Canada. If just those who threatened to go to Canada if Trump won would just do as they promised, the Government in Exile would have company. J D.C.   

Form their perch in Canada, they need not attend Inaugurations, need not recognize the election, need not believe that Trump is president. The Government in Exile can act as Governments in Exiles of nations whose governments have been seized by Juntas — they can organize, complain, criticize, even make lofty pronouncements.

Participatory Democracy requires that we “participate” — of course it doesn’t require that we attend an inauguration ceremony, that is optional. I am not attending and neither I nor the nation is the worst for it. A congressman, or a group of CongressCritters can skip an Inauguration but to announce that you are skipping out AND that Trump is NOT A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT, that is Government in Exile stuff.

My readers know that I neither supported nor voted for Trump. If Pence is the new, new president, I will cheer, but I served this country in the military under both Carter and Reagan without ever being concerned about whether my president was “Legitimate,” they were just PRESIDENT! 

If Trump screws up and gets impeached, that will not bother me one bit, but right now he is the President of the United States. John Lewis has taken with him much of the Congressional Black Caucus in solidarity, opening a new and unnecessary racial divide. This is outside the political process, and the nation deserves better!

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