Strange Trump Idea

 I have been sick, but I return to make others sick…
So I watched the Spicer presser this morning, and the press appears hung up on Trump’s belief that there was massive voter fraud. Pressed on the subject, Spicer tried to avoid the subject by saying, “President Trump believes that…”

The Press wouldn’t let it go. Asked for proof of voter fraud, Spicer wisely staid with his talking points, because he knows there is no such evidence. The only way Tump believes it is that it gives him an excuse for losing the popular vote…as if that matters. It does to Trump, of course because he must continue to believe he is the GREATEST!

(Clue: He isn’t.)

Trump’s belief is silly, but considering the problems in this world, his belief is not harmful. Nancy Reagan believed in Fortune Readers, and 77% of the American believe in Angels, for which there is also no proof. 39% believe that God created the earth within the past 10,000 years and that man and dinosaurs walked the earth together in spite of enormous scientific proof to the contrary.

People believe all sorts of strange things that rational people don’t believe. More than half Americans believe alien life has reached earth. I doubt that Trump holds many weirder concepts than other Americans hold.

Still, it’s strange, and one wonders what other unsupportable ideas he has

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