Sensitive in the Extreme

I hope President Trump understands that Mexico is sensitive in the extreme about everything the United States does on the Border, whether it is legal or not under US law. 
The Mexicans have a saying, “Poor Mexico. So far from God and so close to the United States!”

Mexico trembles when the US sneezes. It is worse than being just a dirt poor neighbor, it has been the recipient of our invasion forces under a president of my personal family, and the then forced “sale” of vast areas of what is now the US. (President James K. Polk, 11th President of the US. I am Allen Polk Hemphill.)

Many Mexicans feel that the US “stole” Texas to California from them. There is even a Museum of Intervention in Mexico City, which features the US invasion, “seizures” of their lands, and our subsequent economic interventions in Mexico.

And the US is an enormous economic power. We are such an economic power that 10% of the entire Mexican population of Mexico is living, illegally amongst us in seeking our work. The Mexicans living in the US send $25 BILLION a year back to their families in Mexico each year. While this money is not taxed in the US, it is in Mexico.

Can you imagine the chaos in Mexico if the US stopped the “remittances” of $25 Billion annually sent directly to the families of Mexico? It would stagger the economy of Mexico, and the peso would drop like a stone.

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