Simply Enforcing Existing Law

I have all sorts of wonder about liberals visceral reaction to President Trump’s immigration Executive Orders, because all they do is to enunciate enforcement of existing law.
Congress passed a law a decade ago to build a wall, but now the president is sending a message that he expects Congress to fund what they already ordered.

I understand that Illegal Aliens (the technical term, used in federal law) are apprehensive. Lawbreakers should not comfortable, and they should be apprehensive. My friends know I have been on the other side of the immigration law in a major way. Fortunately for me, the law in those days looked the other way. 

Needless to say, I understand both sides. I wish this issue could be solved in a manner I have published, and that methodology would be a win-win. The Trump administration has directed a strict legal push, which is their right but I believe it is unnecessary. It is the law, and he wants to enforce it after years of neglect, and that neglect built a constituency. A very large constituency.

The push has caused a reaction from Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who represents the citizens of Illinois’ 4th congressional district but has always been a camera-seeker as the unofficial representative of the illegals. His plan is to clog the legal system, a predictable ploy because the American judicial system is based on due process. 

That due process system is already overwhelmed, and obviously 11 million illegals would crash the system, so I hope there is a plan to streamline the currently clogged system.

This is a multi-front war, with Trump being fought by cities, counties and states on Sanctuary Cities, and by Democrats in Congress on Border walls, deportations, and funding of more assets. He has the law on his side, but it will still be a long political fight. 

Texas has already joined the fight on Sanctuary Cities, placing the Sheriff of Austin on notice. President Trump will need states to join the effort.

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