The Press Should Be The Opposition

Even the press is beginning to understand that Trump is a Major Disruptor, and not so much because he is a revolutionary, but because he is a businessman. He doesn’t understand or speak like a politician, which is what the press expects. He doesn’t understand or speak in nuanced terms, the lingua franca of the State Department, but rather a language closer to that of a mid-level military man. Blunt, to the point, strictly bottom line.
That’s why he admires General Mattis. Brilliant but blunt. In fact President Trump so admires General Mattis that he has deferred to Mattis on the subject of torture. Good move.

The press is no longer the bar stool reporter of the past, a hard drinking, crime reporter with no adverse reaction to blood. No, today’s reporter is a Chablis-drinking “Journalist” with a Masters Degree, staying in a sand-bag protected Marriot in a war zone and interviewing presidents.

The press is, and should be the opposition to EVERY administration. The problem is, they aren’t. They are partisan, but at least both sides have their partisan newspapers and their partisan TV networks. 

I choose to spend a lot of time reading and watching the opposition, including CNN and subscribing to the Washington Post. Administrations NEED opposition, and the Democrats are in a rebuilding years, without a leader. They control nothing, not the presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governorships or the state legislators. They need to get busy.


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