The She Pinches

 I find the fear and loathing for Trump to be nearly identical to the fear and loathing of the Republican blogs I saw with Obama. I might add that I remember no marches, even when Obamacare was forced through the Senate with zero Republican votes, and only enough Democrat votes through pure, unadulterated bribery. 
(Remember the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase?” Even Pure Bernie Sanders, unsupportive at first, changed his mind when he got $10 billion for his state hospitals, and Vermont and Massachusetts got little sweetheart deals!)

The Democrats appear to have marches, and demonstrations everywhere, all the time, for anything. And their fear and loathing, punctuated with terms like “fascist” appear with the regularity that “Communist” did in the Obama administration.

The shoe is really on the other foot, and it pinches.

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