San Diego Has A Wall With Mexico

Here in San Diego, we are a bit puzzled by the debate about the “wall” — we have had one for many years, thanks to former Congressman Duncan Hunter. It is made from WWII surplus portable steel runway sections.
San Diego County has an exemplary double wall, about 50 miles long. It stretches from Smugglers Gulch into the Pacific Ocean, and according to official Border Patrol records it cut the Illegal Immigration before the wall in this area from 200,000 a year, to 9,000. 

A 95% reduction in illegal alien activity.

If the same wall was built in Arizona, it would dramatically cut the 200 illegal immigrant deaths in the desert. 

The San Diego wall is not perfect — or rather it is so perfect that it forces the Mexican smugglers to expend great effort and spend great sums. Almost 30 tunnels under the fence have been discovered, some dug a mile long and some 70 feet deep. These are sophisticated tunnels with electricity, lights, air pumps and in some cases rail lines and hand carts to move drugs.

The wall increases the cartel cost and effort.

 Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good!

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