Bring on Betsy!

As much as I admired Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, he really showed why we need Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education. Arne was a great Educator, but he couldn’t run the Department.
Proof? Arne had as signature piece something called School Improvement Grants. The purpose was to provide grants to 1,000 failing schools and give those schools the choice of four different methodologies to select from. Schools could get several million a year if the converted to Charter Schools, or replace the Principal and up to half the teachers, or even close. The last option was to operate a “Transformational School” with longer hours and a special curriculum.

After expending $7 BILLION on School Improvement Grants, almost twice as much as the much more popular Race to the Top, the needle didn’t move. Virtually no improvement. 

The Department of Education Sort of sneaked the information on their website as the administration changed, I suppose hoping the hoopla would hide it, but the Washington Post found it and even their reporting was overshadowed by the Inauguration hoopla, as planned.

Betsy DeVos can’t do any worse!

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