Quick Hits

The Australian deal, which Trump described as a “dumb deal” was a large stinking hot pile of youknowwhat left on the Oval Office desk by Obama. It was a deal made by Obama after Trump was elected but had not taken office, without consulting the incoming president. Fortunately, the Australian Premier, like Trump, was a successful businessman before becoming a politician. He speaks the language of Blunt.

The Formula One season begins soon, and Ferrari — a member of the racing circuit since it began in 1950, gets a spiff, a reward for their loyalty of $100 million each year before the first race. The administration of Fi was just sold for $8 billion. The money in F1 is simply mind-boggling.


As a former member and proud water drinking cup carrier of the Sierra Club back in the 60’s and 70’s when it was a hiking and climbing club, it was just wonderful to watch Tucker Carlson skewer the president of the Sierra Club of exactly how abortion and transgender rights fit in the Mission Statement of the organization. (It doesn’t.)

Milo Yiannopoulos must be the only homosexual speaker in the Western World who is screamed off college campuses! The 150 or so Anarchists who denied Milo the ability to get his message out on the Berkeley campus to a few hundred Young Americans for Freedom, assured Milo of millions of people to hear his message in TV interviews. All that rioting and damage, all those police and zero arrests? How is that possible?

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