Morning Musings

One wonders what access to CIA and NSA information that Federal Judge Robart has that let him presume to overrule the president of the US on a question of national security. Judge Robart said in his temporary ban that he had no Constitutional section to reference, and indeed another federal judge in Boston removed his temporary ban because he too had no Constitutional authority in matters of national security. The judiciary learns slowly…
Nationwide bans such as Judge Robart issued are exceedingly rare because they encourage Judge shopping, and the 9th Circuit is likely to put the ban on hold on Monday, even if Judge Robart doesn’t on Monday.


The last time Iran tested the US, they mined areas of the gulf, the US retaliated by wrecking one of their oil platforms, then wrecking two of frigates and a bunch of their speedboats. That essentially put their Navy out of business. 

In more modern times, missiles are much better, but on both sides. The Saudi destroyer put out of action by the suicide speedboat last week, shows that the Iranian supported Yemeni rebels can still use speed boats effectively against relatively low technology targets. The Yemeni Rebels tried out some sophisticated Iranian-supplied missiles against a US Navy destroyer destroyer, only to have them all shot down and the radar control site destroyed.


Dan Balz, writing in the Washington Post has an analysis of Democratic Party potential, gathered from Gallup and the Cook Report. It isn’t pretty.

In 2008, Gallup had 35 states solidly in the Democratic camp or leaning Democratic, some neutral and only five in the Republican camp.

In 2018 there are 25 Democrat seats being contested and only eight Republican seats. Worse, 10 of the 25 Senate seats to be contested in 2018 are in states that Trump WON!

In short, unless Trump complete falls apart, which is really possible, the Republicans are in good shape for the next election. Obviously, Trump can’t keep up his shock and awe for two years, so the administration may be in a less frenetic state of something approaching normalcy. 

The current state of chaos serves no one for two years. Admittedly, there is a lot of over-regulation to tear down, but there is plenty of time to do it. The world is moving to the right, or at least this hemisphere and Europe, and it just doesn’t seem necessary to do it all in the first month. (Trump may feel differently.)


If you think Trump has California, and California cities in his Sanctuary Cities crosshairs, and he does, consider the plight of the city/state of Washington, D.C. and their liberal government, which depends heavily on appropriations from the Republican House of Representatives.

That city’s Mayor and city hall are scared to death. They have legalized marijuana, and assisted suicide antagonizing even the Republicans who might give the District a pass, but when you add the Sanctuary Fund designed to financially support any illegal aliens caught up for deportations, the District is just poking their thumb in Trump’s eye, and they are close, too physically close for comfort. 

To say they are scared would be an understatement, but they are also defiant for public consumption. They have no plan, because there can be no plan when you are the District. The Republicans can, with full control of government levers, shut down the city that houses the leadership of the Western World. 

The District counts on mercy. That’s a bet they can’t cover. They are low hanging fruit!

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