And So It Begins

The case of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is very instructive. She is in Mexico tonight, having been tried, convicted of using a falsified Social Security card, and having been given temporary asylum by President Obama because she was not a threat.
Not a threat, but a convicted felon, and under the Trump administration, eligible for deportation! She knew she was on borrowed time, and her time ran out. She has two children who were American citizens as Anchor Babies. (Critics will claim this is breaking up the family, but that was Guadalupes’ choice, she could have taken her family with her.)  

Guadalupes’ main problem is that she is in Mexico that she has not lived in for decades and she is a bit lost, I am certain. That is not a legal concern, just a note that deportation is difficult for many, and it will also be difficult for the countries who must host the deportees — particularly gang members.

It would be more acceptable to me if the first deportee had been some gang member of MS-13, but Guadalupe was not just convicted of a felony (fake SS number), she actually spent time in an ICE facility and was released as a low risk ONLY if she checked in with ICE regularly. She had been marked for deportation, the question was, “when.”

Well, when was yesterday. Those who have kept their heads down should not be worried, but millions of illegal aliens who, in addition to simply coming across a usually unmarked border, (a misdemeanor,) also committed a serious misdemeanor (drunk driving) or a felony (using forged documents), are looking over their shoulder. (And should be.)

It begins, and the reaction begins also. 

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