Fear Among the Illegals

I think I can explain the Immigration raids, because I have been to this rodeo before.
The question of who gets picked up and deported is a story seen before. Right now they are concentrating of those with Deportation Orders from an Immigration Judge, but one that was placed on hold by the Obama Administration.

Those are people who have had their day in Court, and the Court has agreed they are “Bad Hombres.” Those Court Orders have piled up for years, but now they are. Active again.

If in knocking on doors, they find otherwise innocent family members or friends who have committed no crime other than the misdemeanor of crossing the border, then Immigration can’t ignore them, so they will be deported also.

INS isn’t looking for gardeners and housekeepers, but Immigration officers are sworn peace officers and can’t simply ignore those gardeners and housekeepers so they get swept up also, and there may be more of them than those with outstanding warrants in the family. 

The fear in the illegal immigrant community is warranted if they live with someone previously ordered deported, or are just visiting them at the wrong time. There is a huge backlog of Court ordered deportation orders, so this will continue for some time

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