Who Is Next?

General Flynn is out, but the question that the Intelligence Committees must answer is: What did President Trump know, and when did he know it?
It would surprise me if General Flynn would call the Russian Ambassador on the same day as the Obama placed sanctions against Russia. The Democrats are calling for an investigation, but they would jump on any issue to embarrass President Trump. 

It is going to take some disaffected Republicans to further an investigation, and this issue could have the sort of heft necessary to actually impeach the president if General Flynn was acting on orders from the President. (I strongly suspect he was!)

I have previously written that given the choice of Trump or Hillary, I would prefer Trump because the Republicans would be more willing to impeach Trump on an issue, than the Democrats would be willing to impeach Hillary on ANY issue.

I don’t know if this is the issue that will dismount the president, but he will give many issues over four years. Certainly if General Flynn was directed by President Elect Trump then this could be the issue, and if General Flynn were to be placed under oath I sincerely doubt that he would lie.

I doubt the General Petraeus is a serious candidate, and I expect Admiral Harward is the leading candidate.

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