Trump’s Watergate

My opinion earlier this week that I strongly suspected that General Flynn was in contact with the Russian ambassador at the behest of President Trump is further questioned by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post this morning.
Under a headline that asks why smart people do dumb things, he concludes (probably correctly) that Trump orders them to do it.

Milbank says that General Flynn, deeply involved with spying “means and methods” knew his conversations, several of them, with the Russian Ambassador prior to the Inauguration was being recorded. Milbank concluded, as I did, that Trump ordered it. 

Milbank further concludes that Spokesman Spicer, a long time and highly capable spokesman would not have made that embarrassing first news conference in which he angrily berated the press and took no questions, unless ordered to do so. Kellyanne Conway, likewise a consummate professional, would not have plugged Ivanka’s clothing line without direct marching orders from Trump, nor would Advisor Miller had so vigorously defended the undefinable claim of vast voter fraud on the Sunday shows without orders.

That General Flynn was so summarily thrown under the bus was a shame, but he decided to obey an unlawful order, and he should have resigned rather than obeying it. I had previously opined that if he has to give sworn testimony, he will not lie.

I also questioned if this incident had the heft to rise to the level of impeachment, but now I think it just might.Trump has no political capital to spend with the press,  and little support among Republicans in Congress. 

It is not, as Thomas Friedman claims, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, but it may well be Watergate.

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