Window Dressing

POLITICO is reporting just what I feared and blogged prior to the Inauguration, that President Trump is surrounding himself with a first class Cabinet — then ignoring them. 
Apparently, after getting Tillerson as Secretary of State by promising him that as Secretary of State, Tillerson would have a strong input into Ambassadorships, the first 15 Ambassadors had no input from Tillerson. Reports are that Jared Kushner is a Shadow Secretary of State, and that Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary General Kelley and General Mattis, Secretary of Defense are a Bloc called the “Adults in the Room”

According to POLITICO, the “Adults” are being ignored also on appointments to their own staffs, despite promises made before recruiting them to the Cabinet, and General Mattis is traveling the globe on tour to reassure nations after some of Trump’s statements.

Although the official announcement of SEAL Admiral Bob Harward refusal to accept the National Security Advisor post referred to personal reasons, it has been widely reported that his main reason was the Administration chaos. One could easily guess that the Admiral knew that he too would be window dressing, and that his knowledge and counsel would be ignored. 

This a a Donald and Jared show, and each of his Cabinet members were powerful and successful individuals who might just submit their resignations. They are not the window dressing type!

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