It Is Fine Here

With all the viscous California, I thought I might comment on the weather locally. We had one serious rain storm (which located two leak areas in my roof), but otherwise we in the San Diego area have been un-impacted. Whilst there are several microclimates locally, my inland area has had about eight inches of rain during this rain season (about an extra three inches over normal), there are central and Northern California areas with twenty five inches of rain. 
Those on the East Coast who are unfamiliar with California, we have Counties that are larger than East Coast states, and our coast line length means we have at least three main weather zones, and many sub-zones. San Diego is a sub-zone of Southern California, and our rain is seldom just the bitter end of a Northern storm coming in from Alaska, but is often one such storm that picks up moister from Hawaii, a So-called Pineapple Express.

As you can note, the California drought is mostly over. It never existed in San Diego because we have spent a decade building drinking reservoirs, and we have a huge, new desalination plant. We suffered through the drought rules only because the idiots in Sacramento wouldn’t let us out of the rules.

California has a couple of northern storms to go, and a huge snow melt — none of which will impact San Diego. Our area remains placid. As a consequence, San Diego has almost unlivable house prices, and the median price for current house sales is $555,070, and it takes a salary of $118,000 to buy a median home. That is a steep climb for new arrivals.

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