Legal Latinos Are not Concered

The Pew Research Center did a recent survey of the main concerns of Latinos, and the top ones were improving the education system, protecting the nation against terrorists and increasing the job opportunities.
Notice what’s missing?

Yep! That doesn’t mean there is not fear Among the illegal alien subset of the Latino community. And it doesn’t mean that those American citizens of Latino descent will not be impacted, because many of them will be asked to serve as surrogate parents to school age children whose parents are deported.

Currently, only about three plane loads of deportees are landing in Mexico — about 500 men and women — but the pace has increased since the Obama administration only deported two plane loads a week. Illegal families are flooding Mexican Consulate offices, seeking Mexican Birth Certificates for their American born children, just in case they wish to take their children if the parents are deported.

The rumor mill has the illegal communities far more anxious than they need be in reality, but the prospects for increased deportations is real enough. Just to deport the illegals who have had their day in court and have been ordered deported would take 2,000 weeks at the current rate. Thats more than 30 years.   

Right now, ICE has been ordered not to arrest anyone at or near a “sensitive area” such as churches and schools. There is a sanctuary movement among some churches, but there are 11 million illegal aliens, so you do the math!

Still, legal Latinos don’t seem concerned.

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