We Are Being Played

I previously remarked that the purpose of the Russian hacking was to create chaos, and they believed that hurting Hillary would create the most chaos.
It is so, and now obvious.

All intelligence agencies have long and detailed dossiers on all political, military, academic and business leaders. Those dossiers are VERY complete, including detailed psychological work ups. Before Donald Trump ever thought of a political career, the Russians knew what kind of toothpaste he used, and details of his sex life.

And the Russians knew his penchant for strange ideas (he did lead the Birther Movement, you recall), and how he would react to those voices in his head. In effect, they knew that Hillary was a safe president for them, a by-the-book Liberal, and certainly one with stodgy safety, but a Trump presidency, ahhh, that way lies CHAOS!

And they were right! Riots in the streets by a huge #NOTMYPRESIDENT group, riots in the universities, a judiciary arising against what the Russians knew would be a hastily prepared, impatient president. CHAOS! 

Again, the Russians are right! Oh, they don’t know exactly will be the points of social and political eruptions, only that there will be eruptions because Trump causes eruptions. The Russians could not see exactly what cockamamie ideas Trump would get in his head, only that there would be cockamamie ideas. 

Trump would cause CHAOS, the Russian psychological workup probably showed, and they were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. 

No collusion. The US is being played. 

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