I pause for a Greg Gutfeld moment: I HATE THESE PEOPLE,
I recently spent 40 minutes doing a 25 minute roundtrip. First, i got behind a driver going 40mph in a no-pass 55 mph zone. The good news is that she pulled over after several slow miles to let me pass but only after miles. I then got behind another driver in a no-pass zone who not only drove slowly but put on their brakes every time they encountered the slightest — and i mean slightest — downhill. zzzzzzzzz

On the way back, I encountered still another pet peeve: Two drivers, enjoying a slow Sunday drive — side by side! Not just temporarily, but side by side FOREVER! If that road had gone from San Diego to Vienna, they would have arrived exactly TOGETHER!

Just inconsiderate drivers. Yes, I drive fast, but I think other drivers move too slowly. I have complained about them in my published columns and opined that their problem is not advanced age, but they have always been bad drivers. 

You can be a bad driver in Ames, Iowa, but they have come to Southern California and brought their Ames driving with them. Their age simply doesn’t permit them to change their ways. In order to exit the freeway I recently moved to the slow lane, where I encountered a driver doing 45MPH, band they were not exiting the freeway.

While I am at it, another driver problem is small engine vehicles in the fast lane. Yes, they can maintain 85MPH on flat surfaces, but given the slightest incline their speed drops off. That means everyone behind them has to slow down as well. I have the feeling that some of them would get over, but the next lane is filled with cars, also!

Now, I have raised my complaint for the day, just as I am going over to the coast for lunch…on a long, two lane, no-pass road. This is not going to be fun…

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