Brick and Mortar Suicide

Yesterday, I learned the hard way why people shop on-line.
I have this former home office, that is a real first-class “study.” It has more than $50,000 in rare Hawaiian Koa wood, and it deserves and has a beautiful and expensive Casablanca fan. 

I had turned the room over to my fine Great Grandson, who has moved out to test his wings, leaving me with a remote to the fan that is inoperable, and lights that don’t light! Teenagers!

Not a problem, say I. I’ll just whisk over to the very expensive fan retailer who already has over a grand of my money for my beautiful fan, in a nearby city. No COSTCO fan for my study!

“Good Morning. I bought a beautiful Casablanca fan about a decade ago…”

“Yes, Mr. Hemphill. We have you in our data base…”

“I am in need of a 12v battery for the remote, and new bulbs as well. I have bought them here before…”

“Yes, Mr. Hemphill, but we no longer carry bulbs or batteries. I can tell you where to get them. It’s called, appropriately, BATTERIES AND BULBS over by the coast. ”

Wonderful. Back on a freeway, and let GPS find BATTERIES AND BULBS. I hate freeways, particularly this one.

“Good morning. I need a 12 volt battery for this remote, and four, 60 watt, medium base, appliance level bulbs.”

“Here is the 12v battery, but I’m afraid we are out of 60 watt, medium base, appliance level bulbs. We can order them for you, if you like.”

Ahhh…no. So far I have gone to two stores, expended a quarter tank of expensive California fuel, fought idiots on the freeway, and have only succeeded in attaining half my quest. I didn’t mention my time because I have lots of that.

So, I drove home, punched up Amazon Prime, ordered what I needed and expect them delivered on my doorstep on Wednesday. 

Brick and mortar were not killed by the Internet. Brick and mortar committed suicide

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