This is Insane

34 years ago I published a column which my Editor headlined, “Let the Ethiopians Starve.”
That is a bit more harsh put into shorthand than my 500 word column, but essentially correct.

My concept was that there are some parts of the earth that are so inhospitable that if you feed the population they will reproduce, then you will feed their children and grandchildren and…

Nothing has changed. Nothing will.

To exacerbate the problem, we figh againstt disease and war in those inhospitable lands vigorously…disease and war that previously thinned the herd, naturally.

Last week the news reported that 40 million people faced starvation. That proves my concept, writ large.

No it is not a compassionate view, it is a realistic one. Starvation has been a fact of life in parts of the world since the dawn of time. Populations that exceed the ability of the land to feed them have only been fed by international efforts since television brought the specter of dying children surrounded by flies into our living rooms. In living color. 

Our international efforts have brought us more generations to feed. Some of these populations live in countries where oil is plentiful, governments rip off the money, and the governments depend on Western money to feed their hungry.

The only rational solution would be to overturn the corrupt governments — not just in Africa but Venezuela as well, but that cannot happen in our “enlightened world” that now abjures “Colonialism”, so we must resign ourselves to doing what is counterintuitive– throwing money down a rat hole. Forever. 

All the while putting massive efforts into purposely increasing our international charitable load. 

This is insane.

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