Glad It Failed!

The Trump White House and Paul Ryan lost, but the citizens won.
This was both Obamacare light, and so complicated that it was to have been contained in three separate bills, to be phased in over three phases.

From a political standpoint, Greg Gutfeld got it right. Trump is accustomed to cutting a deal with those who have no ideology, just an economic interest. Politicians have no economic interest, only an ideology.

What am I missing? Eight years ago before Obamacare, were people dying in the streets across America? I don’t think so and I have 83 years to observe America, of which 63 were years of political cognizance.

No, the promise of Obamacare was that it would give medical insurance to some number of millions of uninsured people without costing anyone anything, a promise that could not and has not materialize. DUG,

IT was all an illusion as most political promises are.

Obamacare did not offer one iota of more or better medical care. What Obamacare was, and is, is the offer of a card to be presented in the Emergency Room, instead of being perceived as poor and admitting you have no money and the government must pick up the bill.

Billions for THAT!  Government picks up the bill either way.

Let it fail!

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