I Never Stepped Over Dead Bodies On the Streets!

Hey, I have this really great idea to provide government subsidized insurance-based healthcare to the 20 million who can’t afford it. (That was the goal, always done before and after Obamacare and never improved by the Obamacare Act.)
We print up 40 million wallet-sized cards, half red, half blue. One card reads “Obamacare. Whatever medical procedures needed will be subsidized by the American taxpayers.” The other color will say “Trumpcare. Whatever medical…”

We use these cards whichever party is in political power.

These cards will be “Means Tested” by the Welfare offices of each state, under federal guidelines.

Now, it is done with only the cost of printing 40 million wallet-sized cards. The government picked up the medical care for the indigent before Obamacare, after Obamacare; before Trumpcare, after Trumpcare…always has, probably always will. This is the price an advanced and rich society pays to not step over dead bodies on the street. We obviously solved this problem long ago because I am 83 and NEVER stepped over a dead body on the streets of America.

Next problem, please!

(Note that the above does not lower the cost of insurance, improve medical care or solve the terrorism crises. Neither did, or would Obamacare or Trumpcare, but my plan does not require 2,000 pages of regulation and thousands of bureaucrats. What it does is remove the embarrassment of not having an insurance card in the ER, which is all Obamacare did, or Trumpcare would.)

You are welcome.

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