Donut and Coffee Run

Having taken a hiatus from politics for several weeks, whilst reading a lot of historical mystery novels, I return to the political fray only because my newspaper Editor requested a column.
You don’t know how much more interesting the novels were. I read more than 20, and enjoyed it immensely!

The kerfuffle of Ann Coulter at Berkeley — now the kerfuffle of Anne Coulter not at Berkeley — makes me bookmark my place, electronically of course, and comment.

We see the subject of “Mob Veto” is glorious action, not for the first time of course, conservative speakers on college campuses have frequently been abused, but this was apparently one bridge too far. Finally, after years of silence, celebrity liberals are fed up. When Bill Mahr and the ACLU speak, liberals listen, but this has been a long journey.

Today, the “AntiFascists” — read Anarchists– are planning to riot on the Berkeley campus of U of California regardless of the cancellation of the Coulter speech, but the tide of liberal support is waning quickly. This support, active and tacit, is support the Progressive Movement has counted upon on college campuses.

We shall see further today. If any protestors show up, at all. And how the Berkeley police respond. Last time they responded with a donut and coffee run.

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