Merkel Speaks Truth!

I am not certain why President Trump is Tweeting against Germany’s President. Merkel. Merkel says that Europe must not rely on the US.
Hurray! In the two great wars, the US spent much blood and fortune. It would be wonderful were we not called upon again to pull effete Europe’s irons out of the fire.

Only Poland is under leadership that views both radical Muslims and Russia in a light which each deserves, and Poland is not Europe. Germany is viewing neither in terms of a problem worth preparation, and Germany, as Europes primary provider of cash, is most powerful.

Would that Germany’s actions met their rhetoric

Good School News!

Finding good California school new is suddenly brighter — The Los Angeles School Board election threw out the pro-union president, and the pro school choice group is now in the majority. The coup was made possible by a large ($7 million) donation by the Democrat founder of NETFLIX.
(As I have noted before, school reform is headed by Democrats, because union force fields are raised against Republicans.)

The teacher unions control Sacramento, and the unions responded with a bill that would put local school districts in control of all Charter schools, SB 808, but the Democrats in control represent many poor students who would be harmed so that bill is being slow rolled to death.

In other good news, the current National Teacher of the year is, for the first time from a Charter School (Yea!), but her home state Teacher Association (Massachusetts), voted down a congratulatory announcement (Boo!).

Illegal Alien Community No Longer Complacent

The Washington Post reports that the major reason for illegal immigration reduction of 40% across the southern border, is communication from families living in the US. 
“The day Trump took office, they tell us, things changed.” Is a quote from the Post article. The article goes of further to say that the cost of hiring a “Coyote” to bring illegal immigrants has risen from $6,000 to $10,000.

But, the article goes on to say that the reduction may be temporary because the economic pressures remain.

The really good news is that there is no longer complacency in the illegal alien community within the US. If they are not now fearful, at least they are concerned. That’s good news, because they should not be complacent. .

Student Walkout of VP Pence Commencement Address

Norte Dame is private, and the First Amendment only protects free speech against government intervention.
I was eating lunch in the student dining hall with Father Hesburgh during a student protest in the 60s, a time of student takeover of university offices. A student approached, tentatively, and said, “Father, we students have a list of demands.”

Father Hesburgh fixed the student with an arched eye and said, “Son, you can see I am having lunch. You know where my office is if you wish to see me.” The student took five steps backward before he slunk away.

Father Hesburgh would suspend the walkout student’s graduation and diplomas for five years.

Another Frenemy!

The president of Turkey visited president Trump, and left a lasting impression, one he doesn’t want. President Erdogan’s Security Detail, roughed up the 25 protesters legally gathered to protest outside his embassy. This blatant physical assault, in violation of US law, was done with President Erdogan looking on.
Because of “Diplomatic Immunity” the hands of the US are tied, and, while the Turkish Ambassador was called on the carpet, nothing more substantially can be done about the incident. 

Turkey is now in the same category as Pakistan, a “Frenemy” — someone vital to the prosecution of our Middle Eastern policy, but who otherwise would be on the top of our Sierra List.

It must gall Washington to have Pakistan and Turkey play in our sandbox. I know it galls me!

It Is NOT a “Healthcare” Bill

None of us understood Obamacare, and none of us are destined to understand Trumpcare. We may each see the results as it impacts us individually, or our close friends, but the various healthcare” bills have absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.
Or more accurately, it has to do with who pays what, and since Doctors and Hospitals must get paid, the bills (any of them) have something to do with healthcare.

But, as I have noted before, EVERYONE — even illegal aliens — get healthcare, regardless of what bills are passed by either political party. I wrote a column not too many years ago about an illegal alien in Boston who had received more than a million dollars in healthcare.

Every major city has hundreds of “Frequent Flyers” — homeless people each of whom gets scores, sometimes hundreds of ambulance rides to Emergency Rooms across America. If those need true medical care, in addition to detox, they get it.

We make a huge mistake by using terminology that conflates the bills in Washington with health care. Using the wrong terminology tales our eye off the problem, and that problem has zero to do with health care.