It Is NOT a “Healthcare” Bill

None of us understood Obamacare, and none of us are destined to understand Trumpcare. We may each see the results as it impacts us individually, or our close friends, but the various healthcare” bills have absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.
Or more accurately, it has to do with who pays what, and since Doctors and Hospitals must get paid, the bills (any of them) have something to do with healthcare.

But, as I have noted before, EVERYONE — even illegal aliens — get healthcare, regardless of what bills are passed by either political party. I wrote a column not too many years ago about an illegal alien in Boston who had received more than a million dollars in healthcare.

Every major city has hundreds of “Frequent Flyers” — homeless people each of whom gets scores, sometimes hundreds of ambulance rides to Emergency Rooms across America. If those need true medical care, in addition to detox, they get it.

We make a huge mistake by using terminology that conflates the bills in Washington with health care. Using the wrong terminology tales our eye off the problem, and that problem has zero to do with health care.

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