Not Buying In Anymore

As one who has never seen “Morning Joe” and doesn’t expect to, I find the current kerfuffle between the host s of the show and the president to be manufactured for ratings.
The American people have accepted that the president is crass and vulgar, but in the pantheon of crass and vulgar, this recent exchange doesn’t make Honorable Mention.

A Don Rickle’s line, it was not. Of course it gives CNN (which I watch in the am) an opportunity, nay many opportunities to bring up the Megan Kelley insult, which was vulgar.

The nation is about evenly divided, but both the president and the media work hard to exacerbate the division. The president can’t help it, he being vulgar and crass by New York City nature, but the media loves the controversy and manufactures it by its ratings nature.

It’s time the public quit buying into it.

“Healthcare” Explained (in 343 words)

So, why Obamacareand Trumpcare? It has little to do with healthcare, which even illegal aliens get. By law everyone gets healthcare.
It has to do with who pays, if you can’t. Have you ever wondered ho a hospital can charge $20 for an aspirin? That is because your aspirin was $5 and three ill people who couldn’t pay for their aspirin, got it for “free.”.

That is an oversimplification, but an accurate one. There has been a tacit agreement for generations that insurance companies would overpay for the procedures of their paying customers, to keep the hospital and Doctors available and the doors open. 

That worked until it didn’t. Riskier procedures, massive research and development costs, heroic procedures, keeping patients in vegetative states for years, an aging population, the costs mounted and the income to hospitals and Doctors, didn’t.

Hospitals started getting money where they could, or failing that, closed, and horror stories of people losing their homes to increased costs mounted. Everyone demanded something…people demanded that they be protected against losing their homes to medical costs, hospitals demanded that someone pay, and government volunteered — as it always does, for bureaucracy always seeks a means to expand.

And here we are, everyone seeking to $10 worth of something for $5.

What would have been best would have been a fund for those unable to pay, managed by a welfare office. Instead, thousands of pages of insane bureaucratic jumbo jumbo is devised to keep the pea under the paper cup so you think your Doctor/hospital work is covered by the surgery fairy.

The effort to keep you from speaking the word “welfare” is enormous! It’s like “Food Stamps” which has become an “EBT” card so that no one mentions “welfare.”

If someone pays for something you didn’t earn, it’s welfare. Even in healthcare.

 The sooner we admit it, and let everyone who can buy health insurance or get it through their employer do so, then let the welfare office pay for those who can’t buy insurance, the better off we will be. 


I cannot wrap my arms about many of ills of modern society, and therefore do not sympathize with the use of public funds to solve private ills.
I am told that “Education” is the key, from AIDS to Opiod addiction.


Because I never took up drinking, and only once in my life did I have more than one drink a day, I never became a drunk. (I suppose the euphemism for an upper class drunk is “Alcoholic.”)

Because I never took any illegal drug, not even once, I never risked becoming an addict.

Because I never practiced homosexual sex, I am immune to Aides.

Because I was the second most true Sailor I ever knew, I have never had a sexual disease. (My NAPS roommate, Joe Steckler was first, because he never even lusted in his heart.)

Because I served my nation for 26 years, boy and man, I don’t care a whit about Obamacare or Trumpcare — a grateful nation rewards my service in my old age with generous medical benefits. Because I EARNED it!

Because in my youth, I concentrated on my education through graduate school, I have never been unemployed for a single day until I retired at age 81.

Now, because I took care of myself, I am demanded by my government(s) to care for those “less fortunate” — less fortunate, hell, poor planners. Bad choices. Ignorance.

So, others (poor planning)(bad choices)(ignorance) gives them a blank check on my savings account?

L’Etat c’est la grande fiction à travers laquelle tout le monde s’efforce de vivre aux dépens de tout le monde.

  “The State is the great fiction through which everyone endeavours to live at the expense of everyone else.” Frederick Bastiat, 1848

A “sorta” Heat Wave

There is only a 17 mile distance inland from our coast to most inland communities but there is a 30 degree difference in high temperature these days at most inland sites. This extreme difference is because the coast has fog until late in the day. (That extreme isn’t applicable at our house because we are at 1,500 feet.)
There is a plea for residents to cut back on electrical use because the rest of the nation is also suffering a heat wave. Our electricity is needed elsewhere. Fortunately for me, our home has 28 Solar Panels, so my air conditioning impacts no one else and can run all day.

My electrical bill, once averaged $350 a month with highs of $450 during the Summer. My bill is now stabilized at less than $85 a month. Of course I will have to live a long time to amortize the cost of installation, but I intend to do just that!

The Left is Unhinged

Whether the fake severed head of the president, a play on Broadway depicting the death of the president or the attempted murder of Congressional Republicans, it is apparent that the opposition to the recent election by the radical left has gone off the rail.
The left simply won’t accept the results of an election won by the right. The loss was a surprise to the left, and they are unhinged. The vitriol on Facebook pages has mirrored the terror of the left.

The political left needs to tamp down the rhetoric and the actions of their followers.

Dinner with Whom?

I watched the Comey grilling before the Senate Committee, and was not surprised that Comey said that the president was a liar. Comey has contemporary notes on his side, and the president has his dissimulation on such subjects as the crowd size at his Inauguration, and various other items on his side.
Now Trump supporters can say, with slight support, that Trump is a novice at government and unaware that presidents should not try to influence an FBI Director, who is is supposed to be independent. Trump’s behavior regarding “loyalty” betray a corporate not a political point of view. This is one of the problems inherent with electing presidents who are new to politics.

(After I wrote this, and within an hour House Speaker Paul Ryan was quoted as giving the “learning in office” excuse.)

However, the laws do not provide slack for newness in office, and the president is certainly on the cusp of a federal charge of Obstruction of Justice. The president DID try to get Comey the end the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn and then fired Comey when he did not end the investigation.

Some Republicans hang their hats on the wording of the president, I hope you can let it go” as not being a directive, but when the Captain of a ship or the CEO of a corporation, or the president of the United States says, “I hope…” — that is a directive, pure and simple.

You may spin this anyway you like, but that is what happened. The president can say that Comey was fired because he was too tall, and the president looks short by comparison or any other explanation/excuse, but the truth is that if the president had been Hillary, Republicans would be calling for Impeachment for Obstruction of Justice. 

There will be no official charge of Obstruction of Justice, and no impeachment, but this president had better learn fast, a lot faster than he is learning! Comey looked good before Congress, and more importantly, the TV cameras.

Let’s just say if I had the choice of dinner with Comey or the president, I would not hesitate to pick Comey.

Morning Musings

I am not certain why President Trump is Tweeting against Germany’s President. Merkel. Merkel says that Europe must not rely on the US.
Hurray! In the two great wars, the US spent much blood and fortune. It would be wonderful were we not called upon again to pull effete Europe’s irons out of the fire.

Only Poland is under leadership that views both radical Muslims and Russia in a light which each deserves, and Poland is not Europe. Germany is viewing neither in terms of a problem worth preparation, and Germany, as Europes primary provider of cash, is most powerful.

Would that Germany’s actions met their rhetoric


Anyone can have federally paid healthcare for life. Join the military and serve 20 years or more.

Didn’t do that? So, you want what the professional Military has, but without working for it?



The argument is not about “climate change” — of course it is changing, and humans CONTRIBUTE but do not CAUSE!

This is a political agreement, not a scientific. It is not even a treaty, because it could never get through Congress. It ignores major contributors like China and India, and pledges $100 billion a year from the US to a pool for minor states. 

They all voted to receive US money — why wouldn’t they?


The US has 11 million “Refugees” from Central and South America — and after decades of providing for them, it is time to resettle them!

Europeans once condemned us for sending some of them home, but Europeans now have their own hands full and are silent about our Southern refugees.