Morning Musings

I am not certain why President Trump is Tweeting against Germany’s President. Merkel. Merkel says that Europe must not rely on the US.
Hurray! In the two great wars, the US spent much blood and fortune. It would be wonderful were we not called upon again to pull effete Europe’s irons out of the fire.

Only Poland is under leadership that views both radical Muslims and Russia in a light which each deserves, and Poland is not Europe. Germany is viewing neither in terms of a problem worth preparation, and Germany, as Europes primary provider of cash, is most powerful.

Would that Germany’s actions met their rhetoric


Anyone can have federally paid healthcare for life. Join the military and serve 20 years or more.

Didn’t do that? So, you want what the professional Military has, but without working for it?



The argument is not about “climate change” — of course it is changing, and humans CONTRIBUTE but do not CAUSE!

This is a political agreement, not a scientific. It is not even a treaty, because it could never get through Congress. It ignores major contributors like China and India, and pledges $100 billion a year from the US to a pool for minor states. 

They all voted to receive US money — why wouldn’t they?


The US has 11 million “Refugees” from Central and South America — and after decades of providing for them, it is time to resettle them!

Europeans once condemned us for sending some of them home, but Europeans now have their own hands full and are silent about our Southern refugees.

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