Dinner with Whom?

I watched the Comey grilling before the Senate Committee, and was not surprised that Comey said that the president was a liar. Comey has contemporary notes on his side, and the president has his dissimulation on such subjects as the crowd size at his Inauguration, and various other items on his side.
Now Trump supporters can say, with slight support, that Trump is a novice at government and unaware that presidents should not try to influence an FBI Director, who is is supposed to be independent. Trump’s behavior regarding “loyalty” betray a corporate not a political point of view. This is one of the problems inherent with electing presidents who are new to politics.

(After I wrote this, and within an hour House Speaker Paul Ryan was quoted as giving the “learning in office” excuse.)

However, the laws do not provide slack for newness in office, and the president is certainly on the cusp of a federal charge of Obstruction of Justice. The president DID try to get Comey the end the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn and then fired Comey when he did not end the investigation.

Some Republicans hang their hats on the wording of the president, I hope you can let it go” as not being a directive, but when the Captain of a ship or the CEO of a corporation, or the president of the United States says, “I hope…” — that is a directive, pure and simple.

You may spin this anyway you like, but that is what happened. The president can say that Comey was fired because he was too tall, and the president looks short by comparison or any other explanation/excuse, but the truth is that if the president had been Hillary, Republicans would be calling for Impeachment for Obstruction of Justice. 

There will be no official charge of Obstruction of Justice, and no impeachment, but this president had better learn fast, a lot faster than he is learning! Comey looked good before Congress, and more importantly, the TV cameras.

Let’s just say if I had the choice of dinner with Comey or the president, I would not hesitate to pick Comey.

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