A “sorta” Heat Wave

There is only a 17 mile distance inland from our coast to most inland communities but there is a 30 degree difference in high temperature these days at most inland sites. This extreme difference is because the coast has fog until late in the day. (That extreme isn’t applicable at our house because we are at 1,500 feet.)
There is a plea for residents to cut back on electrical use because the rest of the nation is also suffering a heat wave. Our electricity is needed elsewhere. Fortunately for me, our home has 28 Solar Panels, so my air conditioning impacts no one else and can run all day.

My electrical bill, once averaged $350 a month with highs of $450 during the Summer. My bill is now stabilized at less than $85 a month. Of course I will have to live a long time to amortize the cost of installation, but I intend to do just that!

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