“Healthcare” Explained (in 343 words)

So, why Obamacareand Trumpcare? It has little to do with healthcare, which even illegal aliens get. By law everyone gets healthcare.
It has to do with who pays, if you can’t. Have you ever wondered ho a hospital can charge $20 for an aspirin? That is because your aspirin was $5 and three ill people who couldn’t pay for their aspirin, got it for “free.”.

That is an oversimplification, but an accurate one. There has been a tacit agreement for generations that insurance companies would overpay for the procedures of their paying customers, to keep the hospital and Doctors available and the doors open. 

That worked until it didn’t. Riskier procedures, massive research and development costs, heroic procedures, keeping patients in vegetative states for years, an aging population, the costs mounted and the income to hospitals and Doctors, didn’t.

Hospitals started getting money where they could, or failing that, closed, and horror stories of people losing their homes to increased costs mounted. Everyone demanded something…people demanded that they be protected against losing their homes to medical costs, hospitals demanded that someone pay, and government volunteered — as it always does, for bureaucracy always seeks a means to expand.

And here we are, everyone seeking to $10 worth of something for $5.

What would have been best would have been a fund for those unable to pay, managed by a welfare office. Instead, thousands of pages of insane bureaucratic jumbo jumbo is devised to keep the pea under the paper cup so you think your Doctor/hospital work is covered by the surgery fairy.

The effort to keep you from speaking the word “welfare” is enormous! It’s like “Food Stamps” which has become an “EBT” card so that no one mentions “welfare.”

If someone pays for something you didn’t earn, it’s welfare. Even in healthcare.

 The sooner we admit it, and let everyone who can buy health insurance or get it through their employer do so, then let the welfare office pay for those who can’t buy insurance, the better off we will be. 

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