Not Buying In Anymore

As one who has never seen “Morning Joe” and doesn’t expect to, I find the current kerfuffle between the host s of the show and the president to be manufactured for ratings.
The American people have accepted that the president is crass and vulgar, but in the pantheon of crass and vulgar, this recent exchange doesn’t make Honorable Mention.

A Don Rickle’s line, it was not. Of course it gives CNN (which I watch in the am) an opportunity, nay many opportunities to bring up the Megan Kelley insult, which was vulgar.

The nation is about evenly divided, but both the president and the media work hard to exacerbate the division. The president can’t help it, he being vulgar and crass by New York City nature, but the media loves the controversy and manufactures it by its ratings nature.

It’s time the public quit buying into it.

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