At the fringe of societal discussion, is the subject of vaccination vs anti-vaccination.
In prepping for taking batteries of exams to win a nomination for the Naval Academy, I had drilled into my head, “What are the odds?”

I knew for a certainty that some questions were inevitable like a Pythagoras’s Theorum, and a Quadratic Equation question, plus “Who authored the poem that includes the lines, “A rose is a rose is a rose?”        

There were others, but I could count on certain questions, the rest were playing the odds, and I got really good at that throughout those exams, and throughout the Academy. When I failed to get the odds right, I failed on the right side. I figured I would be caught during Plebe Year dating my now wife of 60 years once out of three times, and the punishment was worth the effort. I was never caught. Score one for math on the “fail safe” side.

Life is playing the odds. Those who do it best, survive in better circumstances. I raced automobiles, climbed mountains, scuba dived, flew light planes and served in Submarines — all without a scratch, because I took decent precautions and watched the odds.

I am vaccinated, and proudly so because I know the odds. Yes, there are terrible things that happen to a very small number of children, but of course if it happens to your child then it is a 100% catastrophe in your family.

If you are concerned about the odds — never place your child in a car, don’t let them near a bathtub, or leave them with a baby sitter. But your odds of your child getting terrible diseases if far greater than being harmed by vaccination.

Native Americans and Native Hawaiians would have killed, literally, for a Small Pox vaccination for their children. 

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