Deal With It!

There are marches this weekend, demanding the impeachment of President Trump.
Trump is a nasty piece of work, but that isn’t a “high crime” or “misdemeanor.” 

He is vulgar, crude and he is exactly what he was elected — he is disruptive! His followers, of which I am not numbered, still support him, although their ardor is waning. 

So far, he has not even been charged with an impeachable offense. My unofficial analysis is that the impeachment parades are populated by the Sore Loser branch of the Democratic Party. That branch is mostly the far left wing of that political party, although differentiating is getting much more difficult with the entire party courting a Lemming cliff.

Trump was a known entity before he was elected. The visceral reaction is not that he is suddenly different, but that he was elected at all.

The Left simply cannot deal with it.

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