“Treason” is Certainly Overcharging On a Grand Scale!

The joy of CNN at the idea that some Democrats are using the “T” word (Treason), while their talking heads are smiling, and trying to distance themselves. Cluck-clucking all the way.
The Trump administration has certainly stumbled badly in dancing with Russia, led by a president who was so enamored at the assistance of a Wikipedia fueled by Moscow that he could not even believe the reports of his intelligence agencies. 

I suspect that Trump, and his close non-political advisors, had no idea of the invasive means available to the media, and the willingness of Democrats in government to leak politically damaging data from within intelligence agencies — something that Republicans have seldom done. 

You can only claim naivety a few times before it just doesn’t work. It no longer works.

Trump Jr. and indeed his father, may not have participated in the public policy knowledge since 1945 that Russia is not a friend, and is indeed not even an adversary, it is an enemy pure and simple.

The entire Trump family had better bone up on modern history.

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