Trump Inner Circle Can’t Shoot Straight!

There are leaks coming from either deep inside the White House, or from the Russian government. 
Someone(s) understand that Russia is not a friend. Russia is not an adversary. Russia is an ENEMY!

Republicans once understood this simple fact! They conveniently forgot that to try to win an election! That “win” is appearing to be a pyrrhic victory if the president can’t get his agenda passed because his family advisors are tied up in questionable activity.

What Jr. did is not illegal, but it certainly was inadvisable, impolitic, and terminally stupid. The Democrats have claimed, without a atom of proof that the Trump administration colluded with the Russians to win the election. Trump himself has said there was no contact Russians, but that claim is now toast and it gives the Democrats their opening to dig further.

The NY Times is the source of the information, and it is hard to call it “fake news” when your own son admits its true, and releases the evidence.

The Inner Circle can’t shoot straight!

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