Trump vs Republicanism

So why doesn’t Sessions pursue Hillary?
Because there is a tacit agreement among politicians to forget prior offenses once the election is over, lest the next administration target them after the next election.

Sessions is a long time member of the Senate, with an institutional memory that a real estate mogul from New York doesn’t have.

Do I like it? No, but I understand it. Would I like Hillary treated as I would have been treated in the military for continually being “careless” with highly classified material? You bet!

But Hillary has much the same Senate support that Sessions has on the other side. The Senate doesn’t like anyone messing with its members or former members unless someone bleeds.

The difference is that a Sessions has bi-partisan support in the Senate, but the Senate is so evenly balanced that Trump does himself no benefit by picking a fight with the Princes. The Princes can wreck everything that Trump wants because there is a difference between being a member of the Trump Party, and being a Republican.

That becomes more obvious by the day. Trump does not play nice with others, but regardless of what he thinks, he is not a Dictator.

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