No Transgender for the NBA !

For those who never served in the military — the military is an organization that is a war fighting group, not a social group.
Not all discrimination is bad. There are no blind commercial airline pilots for good reason! 

Transgender is a social construct, and unmeasurable. When Bruce Jenner’s bones are discovered 1,000 years hence, those bones will be declared those of a male. How Bruce felt about his gender is unmeasurable, just like his politics, his love for his mother, and his sex life. 

Nothing that diminishes the military unit cohesion should be considered. Just because the general population doesn’t understand unit cohesion, doesn’t mean that the military — whose lives are at stake, while the general population’s are not— should suffer. Until robots take over War fighting, the psyche of the war fighters determines success. 

Trump’s decision not to further mess with our minds is the right decision. Warriors are a subset of any society, and institutional war fighting skills are something in the DNA of few. There is a difference between serving and fighting.

We should not require that the NBA enlist Transgender, nor should we require it of the military.

Not Your Father’s San Diego

I know that everyone believes that San Diego is a paradise, but it has its problems that don’t include floods, tornados, or snow.
We have serious homeless problems. The homeless are not stupid, they seek comfort so both San Diego and Honolulu have serious problems. Our homeless are less bothersome than San Francisco only because we don’t tolerate aggression.

There are serious housing cost problems. Part of that is there are not many hospitable flat spaces in California because, although large, most of California is high mountain or scorching desert. The median house currently listed in San Diego is $543,000. (San Francisco is even worse because it is even more geographically restricted.)

Some retired military may have served back when San Diego was a collection of small communities but it is now a large city with all the attendant problems.

Oh, yes. San Diego now has a Democratic majority in voter regulation, and on the San Diego City Council. Try to process THAT!

Our freeways are filled with cars, not to the extent of LA, but bad enough. We have many companies who offer staggered hours, just so the traffic does not come to a stop, but an accident upsets all plans.

In short, we are a big city. Personally, I live in a tiny hamlet, designated a “Country Town,” 45 minutes from the downtown airport, and with no stop lights. We have a deli/grocery store, a golf course with a restaurant, and that’s it! Until recently we were not on any maps — and we are REALLY hard to find, by design!