Trump is no “Red Diaper Baby”

It may be the Trump has positive feelings about Russia. Many Eastern Democrats did for generations, and while Trump does not appear to be a “Red Diaper Baby” it is obvious that he holds Russia in some positive regard. Perhaps it is financial as the Special Council investigation infers, perhaps it is ideological, perhaps it is support for a political friend during the election, or perhaps it is just East Coast liberal contacts.
Russia is being sanctioned for seizing the Crimea, and continuing to attack its neighbors. At some point, Russia must realize it is a third world country with nuclear weapons, but since it can’t use nuclear weapons in today’s world, it is impotent.

Russia may have a friend in the White House, but certainly not in Congress. The scales appear to have even fallen from Democratic eyes.

The Russian economy is about half the California GDP, and it is trying to hit above its weight. The West’s economic sanctions hurt them further. They would be wise to modify their behaviors, or their economy will crash. Again.

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