We Already Have 11 Million Illiterate Refugees

Of course we should have a wall, and stop illegal immigration and we should more closely monitor legal immigration. It only makes sense. We have more than 11 million refugees from South of the Border.
I have fed, housed, clothed and found work for hundreds of illegals. I love illegals, but hate illegal immigration. (There is a difference.)

My illegals were uniformly uneducated — most, I would judge to have a third grade education, at best. The nation would be better if we only permitted college graduates, and while that is impossible, it should be our goal.

Our nation has a sufficient number of native uneducated people, and many have high school diplomas! I know — I was a professor of computer science, and had to deal with native illiterates! We have sufficient native illiterates. There is no need to import them!

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