Afghanistan Solution

The president is looking for a way to pull out of Afghanistan, and I have one.
Simple solution: Pull out and leave the government with this message: “if the Taliban tries to support another attack on America, there will be 24 hours of pure hell in which all SEAL teams combined will assassinate the government from top to bottom. There will be much collateral damage. Bigly!”

We might add, “there will be no apologies for civilian casualties.”

We invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban government only because the Taliban government supported and trained the 911 attackers. We do not care — or should not care if the men oppress women, use boys for sex. That is their culture and has been for a thousand years, but if they plan to attack us, the gloves come off.

(Added advantage, once we are out through Pakistan — we can stop treating Pakistan as a friend, and add them to our enemies list.)

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