The KKK members in Charlottesville, and the vandals who pulled down the Confederate statue in just learned a great lesson!

Not just police and media cameras, but neighborhood surveillance cameras and private cameras as well. And those cameras will convict people (one already arrested), and have already caused at least one firing, one man disinherited, and the 82nd Airborne looking for some kid who wore one of their caps while giving a KKK salute.

No longer can you do things in public, anonymously, and the sooner we ban masks, hoods and veils the better off society will be.

But speaking of cameras — the president needs to learn a lesson! He IS his own worst enemy! General Kelley can’t “revise and extend” the president’s remarks when the president is on tape.

Right now, the president’s supporters are hoping this current kerfuffle blows over fast, but as long as there are cameras the president’s lack of self control will be in public display!

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