Never Knew There Were So Many!

Perhaps you have never shopped for Walking Sicks or Canes, but if you haven’t then you could be opening up to another world if you did.
I had not thought past a HurryCane for my wife, and when she needed one I bought three because I always wanted one to be at hand when she wants one.

I have been reading novels of Britain in the early 1800s when men carried them as a fashion statement, not just for orthopedic needs. I now need one for balance, so I looked on Amazon and was stunned at the available assortment, and the referrals to other sources!

I really wanted a solid brass Goose head stick but could not easily find one so I ordered my second choice, and when it arrived I was not happy with the wood. Anything made of wood should be spectacular, so I sent my General Factorum across the street where my neighbor turns wood at the museum level, and asked him for a new shaft.

My neighbor immediately brought me a magnificent solid brass Goose head stick with a beautiful walnut staff! He had just produced one stick for his ankle-injured son, and gave several away. . His son had healed so fast, he had not needed a walking stick so my neighbor had offered me one of the sticks for free. I of course refused, and he is now trying to establish a price.

My roaming through the internet brought me into a stick banned by the French during the French Revolution because pushing a button ejects spikes should the Police grab your stick (it is more than $5,000), and another with a sword. Sword canes might have been very useful in crime-ridden London. Even without a sword, a solid brass Goose head cane is a substantial weapon

I am a happy puppy. Now my neighbor must make several for Jean — women staff heads are more colorful, and offer even more options. There is more to life than a Hurry Cane!

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