North Korea Has Achieved Its Goal

It appears that the world, and in particular we have accepted a nuclear North Korea, and that absent an actual missile attack on the US (which is unlikely), North Korea has reached its goal — permanent protection of the regime.
One thing is made obvious — the UN is both toothless and useless. (The same can be said for the past three US administrations who have set all sorts of red lines, which have been passed while North Korea developed, and stockpiled 20 nuclear bombs!) 

Add to it this administration, whose actions have not matched his words, as ICBMs first flew and now continue to fly. President Trump promised that would not happen, but it did.

Accepting a nuclear, ICBM armed, North Korea, means that in the future, South Korea will be blackmailed (as will the US) into political and economic concessions. 

There will be another ICBM test within the next few days. Absent an attempt to shoot it down (possible, but unlikely for fear of failure), North Korea has achieved its goal.

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