Dreamers Upset For Nothing

The “Dreamers” (average age 25) are not going anywhere. They are a Blue Chip to trade for votes on the Border Wall. 
Since many major Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have previously voted to fund the Border Wall, it should be doable, if not easy, to point out the hypocrisy. 

Trump was right to throw the problem to Congress, which was bypassed illegally through Obama’s Executive Order. Trump giving the Congress six months puts a stark bar for a lethargic Congress to get their act together, and all things considered they will try to punt until the next, and whether Trump has the nerve to pull the plug if they do that is questionable. 

In the end, it is unlikely the Dreamers will go anywhere but it is likely that their families will not get the same protection. At some point the Dreamers’ families will, predictably, claim that the United States is “Breaking up families” which is true, but only because the families broke the law and brought their underage children!

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