I Have A Secret

I have a secret: My family owned slaves.
(Clue: so did yours!)

My family has also been slaves, and so has yours. Slavery has been a reliable constant of civilization for the 6,000 years or so of human written history, undoubtedly existed before that and right up until Brazil became the largest slaveholders, and the last continental nation to forbid it.

Of course slavery still exists throughout the continents of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Sexual slavery exists worldwide, as close as the recent FBI raids across America earlier this month.

But pure slavery, chained slavery, was the way of the world for millennia, from rowing galleys to working the fields to fighting enemies as canon fodder. The Egyptians enslaved those from sub-Sahara, the Greeks then enslaved the Egyptians, and the Romans enslaved the Greeks.

And yes, no one knew better. Being a Black slave in America from Africa was neither better nor worse than being a Galley slave rowing, chained, in French or Spanish Galleys until you died. (This death didn’t take long, by the way. Once chained, you never left your oar until dead of exhaustion, beatings, starvation or through sinking.)

Oh, yes, my family, at one time, relieved themselves in the street, or in a chamber pot and threw the results into the streets to be washed down the center trench into the river by the rain — and so did your family — because it was, like slavery, universal and expected.

Black, White, Asian, “Indigenous People”…it makes no difference, people behaved similarly at different times. If you are Indigenous or Black, your tribe enslaved other tribes. If you are White your family primarily enslaved defeated nation’s citizens, and if Asian you sold your daughters into brothels because they were not so strong in the fields. Alternately, your family was enslaved by the system, and at different times your family was a slave holder and enslaved.

You can’t put today’s ethics and mores on the pasts’ acceptance of slavery any more than their use of chamber pots. The curve of civilization goes slowly upward, and there are practices today that will be condemned in 2100 but none of knows what that will be.

Now, move that spittoon closer.

Kim Is On  Decade’s Long Winning Streak

I have no clue about the Korean mess. Let me prove it, as if I have not in the past.
First, every recent administration has vowed that the North would not get nuclear weapons — but they did. They have a stockpile!

Then every recent administration, including this one, has declared that the North would not get an ICBM — but they did.

I am not at all certain what the next capability of the North they might exceed. I guess it will be when the North decides to test an ICBM with a nuclear warhead in the Pacific, proving a certifiable successful re-entry vehicle. This capability is certainly attainable within six months, as the North proves once again that it can stay ahead of our predicted schedule. 

The North has no confidence in our willingness to sacrifice millions of South Koreans on the altar of stopping them from anything they want to do. We have warned and bluffed for decades, and the North has consistently called our bluffs with impunity. 

Even if the day comes when we are no longer bluffing, the North will simply have no confidence we mean it. Iran is in a similar position, except that if they make a headlong rush to create a bomb, Israel is NOT bluffing. 

We have no Israel in the Pacific!

How does this all play out? North Korea will become a fully established nuclear threat, but it then cannot any longer threaten, blackmail, or demand tribute unless it demonstrates a willingness to actually use its arsenal. The only way to do that is to actually use its arsenal, and THAT will bring retaliation even if the North doesn’t believe it. 

Kim Jong Un is playing the long game, but that is just 18 months or so before he has to make his demands while sabre rattling. No doubt he will demand First a deletion of the economic sanctions or South Korea, or possibly Guam or Honolulu, dies. 

We can postpone war. We can’t stop it. We can pick the time and place of our choosing, or let Kim pick it. 

Or we can agree to the end of sanctions on the grounds they simply did not work, which is true. Kim’s eventual goal is one Korea under his control. That seems too far-fetched right now, but not to Kim who is on a decades long winning streak.

A Different Order of Magnitude

The president is going on a trip to the Orient, and every president since Reagan (except George H. W. Bush) has been to the DMZ. 
Obviously, the Secret Service has real concerns about President Trump putting himself within range of North Korean snipers. I have been around the table at Pyongyang, a few feet into North Korean territory. Having served in battle during the Korean War, it is more than a bit disconcerting to see those very tall and muscular North Korean soldiers. 

Those soldiers not only are selected for size but for their “Stink Eye” ability. They are really intimidating, and knowing their treatment of the Pueblo crew intimately, I was intimidated! Butcher’s testicles swelled to large grapefruit size periodically until his death. 

The seizure of the Pueblo proved to me that if one of those Soldiers suddenly seized me, my nation would do absolutely nothing to help me!

Now killing a US president, something we are publicly telling the world we are planning for Kim Jong UN — probably keeping him nervous, and indeed he sleeps in different places, nightly — but an American president is something of an entirely different magnitude. Of course, Kim Jon UN doesn’t think the two deaths would be of a different magnitude.

But they would.

#Charges Filed 

The #MeToo phenomenon would suit me a great deal more if the participants could tweet, #ChargesFiled.
Admitting that you were sexually hassled 20 years ago didn’t help those sexually harassed often since them. 

Not that #MeToo is useless. No indeed, it helped bring down a huge Nasty Old Goat. 

Admittedly, there must be 20 more, but it’s a start and if shines a light on Roman Polanski, who plead guilty to raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl but is widely loved in Hollywood. Woody Allen movies are regularly released, and Woody has even deigned to comment on Weinstein!

 If this incident puts a huge dent in the Casting Couch, Great. If this incident further takes down the liberal bastion that is Hollywood, so much the better. Hollywood has been an absolute castle in the liberal Pantheon of liberalism since Reagan helped defeat the Communists in the Hollywood union. 

Looking For a New Car

Just drove several new Crossovers, or last years where New wasn’t here yet, and in the following flavors: Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Audi and Mercedes — they finished in that order, narrowly.
I am a former SCCA racing driver – if you covered the grill and the dash, you couldn’t tell in which car you were driving.

Have not yet driven Land Rover.

Many years ago I was in the COSTCO computer area when a woman asked me if I knew anything about computers. I told her that I had first been a programmer in 1966 moving to professor of Computer Science. She asked what laptop she should buy. I told her to buy the one in the color sh e liked best, because they were basically equal and all far more powerful than 95% of the population could ever use.

It’s that way with the Crossover division of cars. As cars, they all drive wonderfully, so if your criteria is number of cup holders, go for it. If it is color, go for it! Any of those I have driven would be just great in my garage. 

Hollywood Virgins

I want to know in which Iowa cornfield Nunnery these Hollywood actresses come from. They know that powerful men in Hollywood use, and have always used a “Casting Couch.” They knew it in High School and their mothers and Agents reinforce the information constantly.
Now I am not privy to the alert, but I suspect it goes something like this: “Look Honey, you probably know that (fill in the blank) is going to ask you for some sex act, and you have your own set of standards so know how far you are willing to go to make a huge impact on your future.”

Considering how sexually active the average high school teenager is, I sincerely doubt these beautiful women are recruited from a Nunnery located in an Iowa cornfield. Hollywood is just one big lie, and that includes these very good actresses, who are trained to lie to the camera.

There are no buyers if there are no sellers. Hollywood is a sewer, and that’s no secret. Never was a secret. Powerful men have always misused vulnerable subordinates…in corporations, in religion, in politics, and yes in Hollywood. 

Probably, Hollywood is the last major structure to face the redirected rivers of Alpheus and Peneus. It should have been the first, because we all knew how bad it was, band so did they!

Action/Reaction, Loop

So California is a Sanctuary State, complete with a law so declaring!
And that triggered a reply by the Chief of ICE:

“ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community. ICE will also likely have to detain individuals arrested in California in detention facilities outside of the state, far from any family they may have in California.“

So ICE is going to “flood the zone” in football parlance, and double up on a population that Jerry Brown can’t protect…the lowly workers…while Jerry protects those being released from prison, the criminals. 

If that seems bass ackward to you as it does to me, then welcome to the club. Jerry seems to think he can tweak the nose of the Feds with impunity, but Joe Landscaper is going to pay.

Liberals are just separated from reality.