A “W” is a “W.”

Sports Illustrated called the Navy-Air Force game yesterday as probably the most exciting game of the day. 
Cardiac Kids! I declared the game over for a Navy win at the half with a 21 point lead. Then I declared a Navy as the loser, down by four with two minutes left. Shows what I know!

Somehow, Navy’s two minute drill was executed perfectly. Needing a touchdown because a field goal wouldn’t help, Navy drove down the field and executed a forward pass — a most improbable forward pass because Navy simply doesn’t throw passes often — and Navy won the game with 15 seconds remaining.

The writer for Sports Illustrated wrote a “free suggestion” — Navy should use passes…it’s really part of the game! Navy passed the ball four times as I recall, but they have won five straight this year without using it. They know how to run punishingly very well.

Very well, indeed. Navy beat Air Force 48 – 45. Too close, but a “W” is a “W.”

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