Hollywood Virgins

I want to know in which Iowa cornfield Nunnery these Hollywood actresses come from. They know that powerful men in Hollywood use, and have always used a “Casting Couch.” They knew it in High School and their mothers and Agents reinforce the information constantly.
Now I am not privy to the alert, but I suspect it goes something like this: “Look Honey, you probably know that (fill in the blank) is going to ask you for some sex act, and you have your own set of standards so know how far you are willing to go to make a huge impact on your future.”

Considering how sexually active the average high school teenager is, I sincerely doubt these beautiful women are recruited from a Nunnery located in an Iowa cornfield. Hollywood is just one big lie, and that includes these very good actresses, who are trained to lie to the camera.

There are no buyers if there are no sellers. Hollywood is a sewer, and that’s no secret. Never was a secret. Powerful men have always misused vulnerable subordinates…in corporations, in religion, in politics, and yes in Hollywood. 

Probably, Hollywood is the last major structure to face the redirected rivers of Alpheus and Peneus. It should have been the first, because we all knew how bad it was, band so did they!

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