Looking For a New Car

Just drove several new Crossovers, or last years where New wasn’t here yet, and in the following flavors: Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Audi and Mercedes — they finished in that order, narrowly.
I am a former SCCA racing driver – if you covered the grill and the dash, you couldn’t tell in which car you were driving.

Have not yet driven Land Rover.

Many years ago I was in the COSTCO computer area when a woman asked me if I knew anything about computers. I told her that I had first been a programmer in 1966 moving to professor of Computer Science. She asked what laptop she should buy. I told her to buy the one in the color sh e liked best, because they were basically equal and all far more powerful than 95% of the population could ever use.

It’s that way with the Crossover division of cars. As cars, they all drive wonderfully, so if your criteria is number of cup holders, go for it. If it is color, go for it! Any of those I have driven would be just great in my garage. 

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