#Charges Filed 

The #MeToo phenomenon would suit me a great deal more if the participants could tweet, #ChargesFiled.
Admitting that you were sexually hassled 20 years ago didn’t help those sexually harassed often since them. 

Not that #MeToo is useless. No indeed, it helped bring down a huge Nasty Old Goat. 

Admittedly, there must be 20 more, but it’s a start and if shines a light on Roman Polanski, who plead guilty to raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl but is widely loved in Hollywood. Woody Allen movies are regularly released, and Woody has even deigned to comment on Weinstein!

 If this incident puts a huge dent in the Casting Couch, Great. If this incident further takes down the liberal bastion that is Hollywood, so much the better. Hollywood has been an absolute castle in the liberal Pantheon of liberalism since Reagan helped defeat the Communists in the Hollywood union. 

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